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How are you all doing?

Anyone remember the ‘I’m in love with the coco’ jam by O.T. Genasis? Well, here’s a Nigerian version. Nigerian Soul/Folk singer, songwriter and guitarist ‘Tonie the Emperor’ brings in an awesome blend of vocals and guitar work. He kills this one in my opinion. Not sure I have ever imagined that this song could ever be so ‘musical’.

Tell me what you think about this one guys.. I think it’s HOTT!!

Listen, enjoy and drop a comment!



Hey guys,


In the spirit of Nigeria’s independence, please check out this amazing piece of music called -the Nigerians’ from songstress Ebisan.

Ebisan is the award winning artist who sang ‘Jowo’ and she’s back with this song that screams patriotism and the Nigerian identity. The strong and clear message is accompanied by sweet and lovely vocals.

This woman is one to look out for Ladies and gentlemen.

The song (amongst her other songs) is available for sale on all major online music stores including Spinlet and iTunes. Support the music guys.. Buy!!

In the meantime, have a quick listen and let me know what you think guys!. For me.. Well, for me, this is a jam and a half!

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Truly Nigerian,

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Here’s to another part of me- Alternative Music

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Hmm.. Many know me, many don’t!

So I’m Yemisi. Some know me from the blog where I blog about my style, makeup, hair and that kind of stuff. Others know me from (I haven’t been there in a whileeeeee) where i just write down every kind of thing that comes to my head. Oh well..

This is yet another part of me.. Music!!! I love music. Even though I can’t read a musical note to save my life, I love to sing, I love to listen, I love to dance.

I believe Nigeria has a truck load of music to offer the world, I’m delighted that we are exploring the afro hip-hop side of things but I also know that the potential that Nigerian alternative music has to offer is hugeeeee!

And that’s why I have started this blog. Let’s talk about Naija Jazz, Soul, Folk, Reggae, Rock (Yes, there are Nigerian Rock Bands), Acoustic Covers and everything alternative music! Let’s make this the place to find it all! Let’s view, let’s review! Lets share the music!

I’m totally excited about this ladies and gentlemen.. So excited! And I hope I can be as constant as possible.

So here’s to us loving the music TOGETHER

clinking glasses

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